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200WBeam of light
Detail Info

The technical specifications

12 channel.

Light bulb models: Philips MSD Platinum 5 r or YODN 5 r power: 189 w light flux is 189 lm, color WenKeDa 8500 k.

Four beautiful dot matrix display, light touch switch, reversing 180 ° display.

Color plate: a color plate, each color plate is composed of 14 color piece,

Pattern plate: 14 design effect.

Round effect: a rotating prism, mobile effect, atomization capabilities.

0-100% mechanical dimmer, support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable speed stroboscopic effect, frequency ShanHong support function.

Lens group of optical system, electric focus, beam Angle 0 ° ~ 4.

Using photoelectric reset system, after the misoperation accident happen, can automatically retrieve reset.

Level 540 °, 8 bit / 16 bit resolution

250 ° vertically, 8 bit / 16 bit resolution.

Overheat protection.

Power supply: 200-240 - v, 50/60 hz

Power: 200 w

IP protection grade: IP20

Inductance ballasts and AC/DC switching power supply.

Size: 523 (length) x 337 (width) x 511 mm (high)

Net weight: 19.5 KG

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Tel: 13570378650      Fax: 15013035721      Addr.: Jiaoxin industrial park, Shijing town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou
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